About Tori Patton

As a DONA International trained doula, I want to empower women have their best birth possible. Hearing birth stories from my loved ones I recognized a pattern of the mothers' needs not being met. They didn't know they could ask more questions and hear all their choices and ended up with a negative birth experience that they now carry with them for the rest of their lives. 


Labor shouldn't be scary and uncertain, mothers should know their options in birth and be empowered to use their voice to make it the experience they imagine. I strive for progress in birth and in my own life, constantly learning and making improvements where they need to be made.

A Michigan State University graduate, I've gained a passion for knowledge that will help mothers lay out their birth plan and make informed decisions throughout their pregnancy and labor. With a calming and nurturing demeanor, I'll coach mothers and their families through the epic event of birth.